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The home and school are the primary and secondary educators of students. As such it is vital that communications between home and school is of a high standard. Therefore, the school monitors absenteeism and rings/contacts home in relation to unreported absences of students’ well-being. Formal meetings between parents/guardians teachers take place on an annual basis. Subject teachers, tutors and year heads can be available to meet parents/guardians on an appointment basis throughout the year, should the need arise.


Pastoral Care Team

Ms. A. Talbot, Ms. O. Duggan, Mr M. Howley, Mr. J. McNamara

The Pastoral Care Team meets weekly and has responsibility for:

  • Supporting Class Tutors and Year Heads.
  • Facilitating the implementation of the Pastoral Care Policy in the school.
  • Reviewing students with particular difficulties.
  • Advising relevant groups within the school community on pastoral issues.
  • Recognizing that the school may need to engage with outside agencies for assistance and support as needs arise.
  • Liaising closely with Management.


School Systems Which Support The Pastoral Care Structure

  • Code of behaviour
  • Dialann Obair Bhaile (Homework Notebook)
  • Awards
  • Student Council
  • Extra Curricular Activities


The Pastoral Care System at Gort Community School aims to create an environment in which excellence in learning, growth and responsibility flourish in a happy, caring and Christian context.