Wood Technology

Students engage in a practical, collaborative way to learn about wood as a natural resource and a manufacturing material. Students learn how to use wood in an economical, sustainable and safe manner and develop their practical skills making projects with hand tools and machines. Designing and problem solving are core skills that students will develop. As soon as 1st Year students learn how to use rulers, saws, chisels and drills designing projects to meet various briefs. While theory is covered the vast majority of classes are practical based. Communicating by drawing and sketching are integral parts of the subject.

Careers after Wood Technology

Carpentry, furniture designer, Construction Management, Planning and Development, architecture, forestry, wood science, teaching.



Classroom Based Assessment 1 – Wood Science and the Environment (completed in Second Year).

Classroom Based Assessment 2 – Student Self Analysis and Evaluation (completed in third Year).

Junior Cycle Grade

Project and Portfolio 70%

Exam 30%