WELCOME all our new first years students.
Home Economics Gort Community school
2021 to 2023

The Teachers:

Clora Neilan

Aisling Collins

Emma Moloney

Cora Gantley –1st year
(Kenwood Chef Competition Entry 2020)


We have 2 fully fitted modern home economics rooms.
Each room has 8 work stations for students during cookery class.

Both rooms are fitted with a teachers lap top, digital projector and visualiser.
These excellent IT facilities and the availability of high speed broadband, allow at the click of a button to use power points to assist learning, or educational clips from the internet.

@Home is a three-year textbook for the Common Level Junior Cycle Home Economics course.

The @Home package is completed by the @Home Activities and Key Terms book

@Home With the Practical book which contains recipes for all three years of Junior Cycle and a wealth of information on CBA 2 and the practical food skills examination.

Junior Cycle Home Economics

50% Academics | 50% Assessment ( cookery exam) | 2 classroom based assessments

3 strands of learning:

  • Food, health & Culinary Skills
  • Responsible Family Living
  • Textiles & Craft

At the end of 3 years students sit a common level written exam worth 50%

Both marked by SEC

Practical Food Skills Exam:

2 hours exam inc 30 mins prep and 1 ½ hour cooking exam

Students given a brief, e.g. school lunch, and must prepare, cook and serve 2 courses

Applies the design brief process

Both marked by SEC

CBA1 – Creative Textiles

Students must make a textile item in 8-10 weeks
(we will be blocking for 6 weeks)

CBA2 – Food Literary Skills Brief
Students Research a given Food Skills brief (links to practical skills exam)

Both apply the design brief process


Let us all work together…for a greener future!

Any questions –just email | efogarty@gortcs.com
acollins@gortcs.com | cneilan@gortcs.com| efogarty@gortcs.com