Benefits of Studying English

  • Develops an increased vocabulary
  • Introduces students to poetry, novels and plays
  • Increases knowledge of current affairs
  • Improves ability in essay writing
  • Teaches the formation of essays, book reviews, creative writing pieces and structured answers to questions on poetry, novels and plays
  • Develops the ability to compare and contrast pieces of writing
  • Develops the ability to analyse texts and unseen poetry and structure proper answers.
  • Improves knowledge of how to answer on comprehensions and complex questions.
  • Develops the ability to compose an essay in one of the following styles: formation, argument, persuasion, narration and the aesthetic use of language.
  • Provides good ground work for every career.

Aims of English Department:

  • To reinforce and consolidate the work done in primary schools
  • To develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • To foster a love of literature in all students


First Year:

  • Develop reading and writing skills using Zoom 1
  • Novel study in the third term
  • Continual assessment with common assessments in December, March and May.

Second Year:

  • Consolidating  skills from first year using Zoom 2 or 3.
  • Novel study in preparation for Junior Cert.
  • Introduction to drama – study play for Junior Cert.

Third Year

  • Concentration on elements examined in Junior cert
  • Paper 1 – language elements
  • Paper 2- Literature


Fourth Year

  • Study of a play
  • Two/Three comparative (Novel, Modern Play/Film)
  • Two/Three Poets
  • Paper one preparation.

Fifth Year English

  • Poetry: Three poets and prepare exam questions on poetry.
  • Revision of themes/characters of play studied in fourth year.
  • Work on modes of comparative studies.
  • Exam papers preparation

Click here for detailed syllabus information