Geography is the study of the earth’s landscapes, peoples, places, and environments. The study of geography empowers the person to explore and understand the world around them.

Students develop the skills to read their environment, enabling them to interpret the physical landscape, observe climatic events with an informed eye and discuss world events in a knowledgeable manner.

Learning in geography supports students in making informed decisions, giving the ability to make valuable contributions to the economic, social and cultural life of their communities, localities and countries.

Junior Cycle Geography.

The specification for Junior Cycle Geography focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills to explore and understand the world around us. This is achieved through three interconnected strands:

1) Exploring The Physical World.

2)Exploring How We Interact With The Physical World.

3)Exploring, People, Place and Change.


Students will complete two classroom-based assessments (CBAs) for the purposes of the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement: Geography in the News and My Geography.

Following the second CBA students will complete an Assessment Task.

The Assessment Task and final examination in third year will be marked by the State Exams Commission.

Junior Cert Geography Syllabus

Senior Cycle

Transition Year:

Geography is studied on a modular basis. Students will have the opportunity to develop and explore further the skills learned during the Junior Cycle Programme. Topics may vary but can include such subjects as ‘The Local Environment’ ‘Natural Hazards’ and ‘Sustainability’

Leaving Cert Geography.

At this level, the syllabus consists of the core, elective and optional areas of study.

  • Core: Physical and Regional Geography.
  • Elective: Patterns and Processes in the Human Environment or in Economic Activities.
  • Optional: To be completed by Higher Level Students only.


Assessment will take the form of a terminal written examination (80%) and a report on the physical investigation (20%).

Leaving Cert Geography Syllabus

6th Year Geography Field Study:

We had our 6th year Geography Field Study recently. The group visited 3 locations around Lahinch to measure and compare the rate of erosion along the coastline as part of their Geography Field report that will be worth 20% of their final grade. Great day had by all, getting to put their Geography skills into action outside of the classroom!