Business Studies

Inspiring Entrepreneurs of the Future

Business Studies is an optional subject at Gort Community School. Given the current economic climate, our need to understand the business world in which we live in has become increasingly important.
Why study Business Studies?
Business Studies is part of the Junior Certificate Curriculum that aims to equip students with the skills needed to make informed decisions in the everyday business of living, create an understanding of the business world, create a positive attitude towards enterprise and create an economic awareness among students. Students are encouraged to build upon their own experiences and discuss business issues in the media when studying the various topics of Business Studies.
Entrepreneurship is a skill that is required by all Irish Citizens. Business Studies can assist in developing this skill in our younger generation. It also aids the development of analytical and critical thinking, encouraging students to be problem solvers.

What will you learn in Business Studies?

Household Income
Basic Pay, Overtime and Commission.
How is Basic Pay and Overtime Calculated?
Understand Pay Slips – PAYE, Income Levy and USC.

Household Expenditure
What do Households spend their income on?
Understand Electricity bills and Telephone bills.
Consumer choice and Limited Income.
Opportunity Cost.

Prepare a Household Budget
A plan of Income and Expenditure.
Prepare a personal Budget.
Make informed decisions.

Learn about your Consumer Rights.
The organisations that can help you if you buy a faulty product.
Write a letter of complaint.
Conscious and sustainable consumption.

How to open a Bank Account – complete an Application Form.
The difference between a Current Account and a Deposit Account.
Understand Bank Statements. Learn how to calculate interest and DIRT.

Types of Household Insurance – Property, Contents, Car, Health and Life.
Fill in Proposal Forms and Claim Forms.
Learn how to calculate a Premium.
Calculating compensation payments.

What are your Rights and Responsibilities as an Employee?
What does a Trade Union do for an Employee?
Rights and Responsibilities of Employers.
Solving conflict: Labour Relations Commission and Labour Court.

Discuss Local Clubs.
Learn how clubs are run – Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Entrepreneurs; Skills and Characteristics.
How to set up your own Business – Sole Trader, Limited Companies.
Market Research – will your idea work?
Advertising to promote sales of your product.
Prepare Business Plans.
Prepare Income Statements and Statements of Financial Position.
Fill in Business Documents – Quotations, Orders, Invoices & Credit Notes.
Technology in organisations.

Learn about the National Budget.
What are the different taxes we are required to pay?
Where does the government spend taxpayers’ money?
What is inflation?
Government Economic Policies.
Demand and Supply.
International Trade and Globalisation.
Ireland and the European Union.

Leaving Certificate Business Options:

In Senior Cycle, Business Studies break into three subject options: Accounting, Business and Economics.
Link Modules (LCVP) is a business-related Enhanced Leaving Certificate.