Subject: Music

Length of Course: Full Academic Year


Ms. Edel Quinn

Aims of Course:

  • To provide a general education in music for all students, to enable students to practice listening, performing and composing with greater proficiency and interest.
  • To encourage the development of musical creativity and potential through active involvement in performing, composing and listening to music.
  • To develop an informed interest in music and the enjoyment of music-making.
  • To encourage and develop student’s interest in music as a subject and explore the many opportunities that music offers in today’s climate.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to rudiments of music theory.
  • Introduction to music technology using a notation software package.
  • Production of school show incorporating singing and instrumental performance.
  • SATB singing.
  • Students will take part in recording an album of both cover and original songs.

Cross Curricular Aspects

  • English Department: to work on script for Fiddler on the Roof.
  • Business Studies Department: To work on marketing and finance for the show.
  • Irish Department: The organisation of activities for Seachtain na Gaeilge to include some Irish Music Performance.
  • Construction Department: Set for show.
  • Art Department: Set design for show.
  • Home Economics Department: Costumes for show.

Proposed Teaching Methodologies

  • Experiential Learning through performance of various pieces.
  • Self directed learning in the form of research and the production of projects and Power Point Presentations.
  • Each student will keep a reflective diary of his/her progress/experiences in music class.
  • Expose students to new aspects of music in order to broaden their musical knowledge. It is envisaged that this will be done through performance and listening, including trips to concerts/shows locally.
  • Assignment of solo and group tasks for musical performance.

Proposed Assessment Methodologies

  • Reflective Diaries.
  • Interactive quizzes available online for self assessment.
  • Group and solo research projects.
  • Assessment of student performance both within the classroom and during the production of the school show.