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Important Roles Within the Pastoral Care Structure

  • Subject Teacher

The subject teacher is the most important teacher link in the pastoral care chain. All other levels in the system depend on the Subject Teacher’s availability to establish and  maintain a consistent work ethic and a positive rapport with his/her  class.

  • Role of Class Tutor

The class tutor has a unique and vital role in the Pastoral Care System. The class tutor aims to create a well-motivated class group where each member is cherished and well standards of work, conduct and responsibility are always striving  towards excellence.

  • Role of Year Head

The year head is Manager of his/her year group .The Year Head aims to create a well motivated year group in which standard of work; conduct and responsibility induce individual, class and year group excellence.

  • Chaplain

The ministry of the chaplain is primary concerned with the spiritual care and pastoral needs of the school community. By being present, there, and available, the chaplain provides an open door where students and staff can receive support in a confidential and secure way.

  • Career Guidance

Career Guidance provides individual and group guidance for students. Guidance has a pastoral dimension and the guidance counsellors support the Chaplain and Pastoral Care Team in offering limited personal counselling to students as needs arise. Students may use the Guidance Service when they are worried or looking for personal advice.