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Visiting Speakers/ Outdoor Trips etc

  • Passed students of Gort Community School who have studied architecture/ photography will be invited to talk to the class about their work.
  • It is envisaged that students travel to the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork. Situated in its own award-winning building on the campus of University College Cork, the Lewis Glucksman Gallery is one of most modern venues of visual art in Ireland.
  • Students will be encouraged to look out for anything relevant to their project on their trip to France/ Northern Spain.



Cross-Curricular Aspects

Due to the size of the Transition Year group the class will be split in half: one group will be taking Art History, the other History. The History class will be focusing on political and social issues of WW2, the Holocaust, Vietnam, American Civil Rights, all issues which are reflected in the work of many of the above named artists.



Proposed Teaching Methodologies

Year 1 students will write out, in a creative way, the names of the artists on a coloured piece of A 5 card. This card will be placed in an A4 envelope together with an instruction sheet made out by the teacher. TY students will pick an envelope at random.

Students will look for information about their artist in both literal and visual form. Students will be encouraged to find out what the theme is at the heart of their artist’s work, what the artist is expressing. They will try to find a relevancy to issues which were/ are contemporary not only socially and politically but also relating to the world of engineering and advances made in technology. Much of the research will be done on the Internet. Students will gather text and images and mount their findings on an A1 size display board. They will assemble their printed out texts and images in a visually pleasing way. Important for the display board will be good visual communication, emphasizing key elements, terms and concepts.

In addition they will put together a PowerPoint presentation which they will deliver to the group in a talk lasting no more than 6 minutes.

The talk will be given in front of a visiting art teacher who will evaluate the presentation.

The display boards will be shown at gatherings of TY events.

Students will be asked to cover the following areas:

Nationality of artist, country of birth, his/her world of work, photo of artist, most famous/ acclaimed work(s), pictures of same, other works, very brief CV, timeline of contemporary related events and contemporaries, interesting facts.

Initially when brought to the computer suite, students will be informed about their log on and user name. They will be taught how to do an advanced image search for high quality images, how to save images in a folder, select text and copy and paste from an internet page into a word document, insert pictures from file, format pictures, PowerPoint presentations, resource conscious printing.

Proposed Assessment Methodologies

Assessment will take place through a visiting Art teacher, assessment by the subject teacher and student’s own evaluation.

Students will also be evaluated as to the interest they showed, their progress and the effort put in.