Gort Community School was recently awarded the Green Flag for Biodiversity.
This is their first Green Flag in 7 years having previously received 4 others for Water, Travel, Energy and Litter and Waste.
The flag has been awarded following 2 years effort by the whole school community . The focus of the flag is to recognise the importance of biodiversity conservation and threats to biodiversity and how the school community can do its bit to help. In addition, the school community must keep all their previous flags ‘alive’ by keeping a focus on those themes.
Many positive steps have been made in biodiversity such as the students have set up bug hotels and wildflower areas to attract pollinators and have planted over 200 trees. They now have a geodome and are growing their own food organically. In addition, they have partnered with Gort Tidy Towns to build over 60 birdboxes for the school and community.
The effort is led by The Green Schools Committee, a body of students across all year groups. Their call to action was ‘just don’t talk about it, BEE about it’!
The students are to be commended on their determination to keep sustainable living at the forefront , even during a pandemic. This was helped by the TY students who set up their own Instagram account to spread awareness of the work that is being done within the school.
Please follow them on Instagram at gcs_2019.