I as Principal of Gort Community School am delighted to announce, that after 2 years of negotiating and constant workings with the Department we have been approved a significant increase to our original additional accommodation (Major extension). The scale of the initial extension approved in 2019 has now tripled in size. This has now been retendered for the appointment of a new design team. The approved accommodation is listed below.

19x General Classrooms, 7x SET rooms, 2x meeting rooms, 1x DP office, 3 purpose built classroom SEN base, 1x Art room, 1x Home Ec. Room, 1x Graphics room, 3x Science Lab/2 prep area, 1x Construction Studies/Prep. area, 1x Engineering room, 1x Tech. Prep room, 3x Project store, 1x staff room, 1x General Purpose/Dining area.

This will provide the staff and students with the facilities they deserve and will future proof the school.

I would like to thank the Board of Management and Senior Management for all their support during the past few years.