On Tuesday the 7th of May, Gort Community School held their annual Super Games Centre Blitz.

This year, to promote the 20×20 camogie initative and the Active Flag in our school, the Transition Year students held a camogie blitz for the 1st and 2nd Year camogie players.

There were six camogie teams: Galway, Clare, Tipperary, Dublin, Limerick and Kilkenny, each managed by two TY students. Commencing at 10:30, each team played five matches and the day concluded with a cup final, shield final and plate final.

As part of the TY Future Leaders Programme, the school had to manage a Super Games Blitz, as part of the programme’s “Event Management module”. Each student had a role to carry out on the day. There was the Managers and Trainers Committee, the Referee’s Committee, the First Aid Committee, the Sports Journalism and Social Media Committees and the Performance Analysts Committee. The Performance Analysts Committee had to record every score, wide and foul during each game. The event was organised by the school club’s GAA committee.

On the day, the event was organised, run and supervised by Transition Year students. The organising committee arranged for fruit to be given to all players at break time. All- Stars from 1st and 2nd Year were awarded to players who showed excellent skills and teamwork.

To conclude, the day went well for everyone involved and the TY students developed their personal leadership skills as well as learning how to successfully manage an event.