Gort Community School’s annual primary school hurling and camogie blitz is a huge success.

by Liam Holland, Triona Nolan & Amelia Visser (TY students)

The annual Gort Community School primary blitz took place on Monday 1st October with 420 primary school students from eighteen different schools taking part in what has become a highlight of the school calendar.

The exciting day began with the arrival of the schools at 9:30 am and the school campus was soon buzzing with activity. All the visiting pupils were brought together and divided into twenty-eight teams of fifteen players. Every team was under the guidance and tutelage of two Transition Year students. A blitz of such magnitude is only possible due to the amazing facilities at GCS which allow seven matches to take place at any one time.  At 10:30am the ball was thrown in and the games began.

Every team played three matches in the morning and two in the afternoon. Following these matches, the TY team managers chose a boy and a girl, from their respective teams, who demonstrated a high skill level and good work ethic. These students were the ‘All-Stars’ of the day and they got to meet some of the most famous inter-county players of the modern game including Galway’s Conor Whelan and Georóid McInerney, and Clare’s Peter Duggan and Patrick O’Connor. Clare captain O’Connor, who is a former student of GCS, noted that the event is “very worthwhile” and “gives a real sense of community with the TYs running it.”

Of course, the day would not have been possible without the excellent leadership shown by the TY students. They ran every aspect of the day, from welcoming the schools to managing teams and refereeing matches. They even helped in the school’s canteen to supply the 420 primary children with lunch which was kindly sponsored by the school.

The day wrapped up with all the children gathering on the bank of the main hurling pitch where Mr. Brian Crossan, the school’s principal, praised the staff and students who organised the event. Mr. Crossan noted how everyone associated with GCS is “very proud of the sporting tradition in the school”. Following this, the names of the All-Star players were announced, and photographs were taken.

The day is a great opportunity for children to be active and make new friends. Even for those TY students who don’t follow the GAA, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Overall, the hurling and camogie blitz was a huge success, with all the children involved having a great time. It’s certainly worth its place as one of the most important days in the school year, for both the primary schools in the surrounding area and indeed for Gort Community School.