GCS IT Fundraising Initiative

We are currently running a fundraising initiative to upgrade the IT facilities and learning environment for our students. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the generosity of theTechnology-In-The-Classroom following people and businesses who have contributed to this initiative thus far.

  • Mr Frank Murray, Supermacs Gort & Cross Street Galway
  • Ms Brid Daly, Daly’s Pharmacy, Market Hall, Gort
  • Aidan & Padraic Giblin, Giblin’s Trophies, Glenbrack Rd., Gort
  • Peter Cummins Kitchens, Gort
  • Ms Sheena Mulcair, Treasures, Gort
  • Gort Mart
  • Medtronic

We would also like to thank those contributors who declined a public acknowledgement.

We would gratefully accept contributions from any business or person who feels they are in a position to so do. Please contact the school for more details.

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