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The Education Advisor to the Spanish Embassy, Adolfo Carbón, visited the Gort Community School on Thursday 26th of November.

He was treated to a concert by the First Year students of Spanish. This was followed by a tour of the school. He then met with four of the visiting Spanish students, who are studying here for the year.

Also, Mr. Carbón was able to give some very valuable advice to some of the Fourth Year students who will be walking a section of the Camino de Santiago walk in the north of Spain this coming March.



The Spanish Department – The Spanish department in Gort Community School provides a comprehensive Spanish curriculum at both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle.

Spanish Staff Members – The department has a staff of three full time teachers who possess extensive expertise and experience.

The department has a dedicated subject co-ordinator. Regular meetings take place, exploring ways of promoting and developing the Spanish subject within the school, and in recent years the numbers opting for the subject has grown considerably.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the World after Mandarin, therefore its importance as a language is significant in the modern world.

We recently had a Subject Inspection carried out by DES inspectors,


Spanish Department Activities – We as a department we aim to promote and facilitate the development of the Spanish language and the exploration of Spanish culture through a variety of activities.

The following activities promote communicative and interactive learning:

  • Spanish Cultural Day – a celebration of Hispanic culture where students promote the language and culture studied. The Mobile Cinema will visit our school in the morning to show Spanish movies. At lunchtime Spanish food, which our students prepared, will be available. In the afternoon we will have a Flamenco Dancing workshop.
  • Spanish Web Page.
  • Extensive use of our IT facilities providing a realistic learning environment.
  • Guest Speakers.

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