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Welcome to all  new First Years! Engineering (Metalwork) is definitely the place to be when you start with us in Gort CS. First years make a wide variety of projects to expose them to all the basic engineering and metalworking skills and processes.

 Students are given an introduction to processes such as Bench work, Machining, Computer Aided Machining, Soldering, Cutting Screw Threads, Plastics, Electronics and Decorative Finishing.


 All our Metalwork students are encouraged to do Higher Level at Junior Cert.


 Some First Year projects!  











                  Electronic Dice

Engineering – Metalwork (Junior Certificate)

 Junior Engineering (Materials Technology Metal – Metalwork) is the perfect introduction for Junior Cert. Students to the world of engineering. It allows students to develop all the basic practical knowledge and skills necessary to manufacture a broad range of engineering components and products. As well as an introduction to design, students learn the basics of:

 * Metallurgy

* Materials Science

* Handtools and Equipment

* Measurement

* Machining

* Computer Aided Design & Machining

* Joining of Materials

 * Health & Safety ( Good Workshop Practice)


 With both theory and practical elements to the examination, the student will get a great opportunity to show their talents. With the completion and part design of a Final Project, students find Junior Engineering to be a very motivating and rewarding subject, opening their eyes to the world of engineering at Leaving Certificate level and beyond.


 The Exam

Metalwork at Junior Certificate involves the completion of a practical project and practical exam prior to the written exam in June