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The revised syllabus in Leaving Certificate Home Economics ‘Scientific and Social’ was introduced in September 2002 and examined for the first time in 2004.


Assessment is in the form of a terminal written examination (80%) and an assessment of a practical coursework journal (20%), which is an integral part of the study of Home Economics.   This journal is due in early November of Year 2 of the Leaving Certificate.


Level Differentiation
The syllabus has been designed as a common syllabus for Ordinary and Higher levels.

Some material has been designated Higher level only.  The text book indicates clearly what material is Higher Level only.  


Syllabus Structure
The Leaving Certificate Home Economics Scientific and Social syllabus is made up of a core and electives. 


The core is compulsory and consists of three areas:

  1. Food Studies – 45%
  2. Resource Management and Consumer Studies – 25%
  3. Social Studies – 10%

There are three electives:

Elective 1. Home Design and Management 
Elective 2. Textiles, Fashion and Design 
Elective 3. Social Studies

  • The elective makes up 20% of the syllabus content.
  • The teacher with the class group will choose one elective
  • The course is designed to be taught in 180 hours over two years, this allows time to teach one elective only.