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The Home Economics Department would like to WELCOME all our new first years students. We wish each and every student a happy year in Gort Community School.

elaineWelcome to the Home Economics Department!

Home Economics is an important subject as it has a direct relevance to the present and future life of every young person.  Common issues faced by all people living in society are explored.

  • It is also concerned with the way individuals and families manage their resources to meet physical, emotional, intellectual, social and economic needs.
  • It prepares students of both sexes for life in a consumer-oriented society.
  • It provides a good knowledge and skills-based learning foundation for those seeking employment in a wide range of careers.  It is extremely suitable for those of you who are interested in a career in hospitality, the food industry, textiles or the care industry.


What’s happening in Home Ec.

Junior Certificate groups are engaging in a variety of practical cookery lessons. These include sweet and savoury dishes that make the most of local, seasonal and cost effective ingredients.

Students are developing a wide range of skills that include hygiene, safety, knife skills, correct preparation of ingredients and use of kitchen technologies.

They are also preparing craft items as part of their Junior Certificate coursework; some of these skills include cross-stitch, rug making and patchwork.


Who are the Teachers:

  • Clora Neilan
  • Aisling Collins
  • Emma Fogarty

What resources do we have?brenda-2We are really lucky to have 2 fully fitted modern home economics rooms. Each room has 8 work stations for students during cookery class.

Both rooms are fitted with a teachers lap top, digital projector and visualiser.  These excellent IT facilities and the availability of high speed broadband, allow at the click of a button to use power points to assist learning, or educational clips from the internet.



What subjects / courses are available?