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Links Modules (LCVP)

What does Links Modules involve?


  • This is an enhanced Leaving Cert which students can opt to take.
  • It is an additional subject that aims to link learning in other subjects with enterprise & the world of work.
  • It encourages students to develop skills & competencies fundamental to academic & vocational success.

What will you study in Links Modules?

Enterprise: Enterprising people in business, home & the local community.

Plan, research, run & evaluate an enterprise activity.

Visit a local enterprise(s).

Invite enterprising people into the class-room.

Improve personal enterprising skills in a practical way.

Conduct a Street Survey of Gort Town Businesses.

World of Work: Plan, organise & evaluate a Career Investigation(s) / Work Experience.

Learn how to prepare a C.V., complete an application form and apply for a job.

Prepare for & engage in a simulated interview.

Learn about current legislation/regulations relating to the employment of young workers.

Assessment of Links Modules

Portfolio of Work:      60%

Based on activities undertaken in year 1 of the programme.

Written Assessment:   40%

2.5 hour examination in early May.