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Junior Cycle Business Studies
Business Studies is an optional subject in Gort Community School.
  • Mr. P. Daly
  • Ms. A Diviney
  • Mr. S. Robinson
  • Ms. L. Tubridy
What will I learn in Business Studies?
  • Household Income:
Basic Pay, Overtime & Commission.
How is Basic Pay and Overtime calculated?
  • Household Expenditure
What do Households spend their income on?
Understand E.S.B bills and Telephone bills.
Consumer Choice and Limited Income.
  • Prepare a Household Budget
A plan of Income & Expenditure.
Prepare a Personal Budget.
  • Consumer:
Know your Consumer Rights.
Learn who can help you if you buy a faulty product.
Write a Letter of Complaint.
  • Banking
How to open a Bank Account – complete an Application Form.
What is the difference between a Current Account and a Deposit Account?
Fill in Lodgement Slips, Withdrawal Slips, Bank Drafts and Cheques.
Understand Bank Statements.
  • Insurance
Types of Household Insurance – Property, Contents, Car, Health & Life.
Fill in Proposal Forms & Claim Forms.
Calculating Compensation.
  • Employment
What are your Rights as an Employee?
What does a Trade Union do for Employees?
Understand Pay Slips – PAYE & USC.
  • Clubs
Look at Local Clubs.
Learn how Clubs are run – Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer.
Prepare Club Accounts.
  • Enterprise
How to set up your own business.
Market Research – will your idea work?
Advertising to promote sales of your product.
Preparing Business Plans.
Prepare Business Accounts.
Fill in Business Documents – Quotations, Orders, Invoices, & Credit Notes.
  • Economics
Learn about the National Budget.
What are the different taxes we are required to pay?
What is Inflation?
What is Economic Growth?
What goods does Ireland Export/Import?
Business  Student Activities

Leaving Certificate Business Options
Note: Over 450 courses in Institutes of Technology and Universities have a Business module.