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Gustavo Dutro, formerly Year 3 is ART student of the month of August 2014 for the very expressive figure drawing he did for his Junior Cert project in May. The art department and all his friends miss Gustavo who returned to Brazil. Gustavo was a very nice young man, well mannered,  who liked to help out always. We wish Gustavo all the best and much success in his new school. Keep up the art!

Two more pieces of footwear which we loved are the LAS VEGAS SHOE by Caitlin O’Halloran and the TRACTOR SHOE by Mark Hassett. These students deserve to be students of the months of April and May 2014.

Caitlin put a lot of time and work into her shoe, particularly the heel, which is made up of individual pieces of replicated coins.

Mark’s footwear – for the trendy farmer – was a real challenge to make! All shoes are made from what we call ‘Graduation Card’, card which is left over, every year, from the Leaving Cert graduations. We do a lot of recycling in the art room, making art from throw away things.


Eleanor Lawrence of Year 2 is ART student of the month of March 2014 for her shoe which makes us look forward to spring and summer! Eleanor is a student dedicated to art. She enjoys making things and is open to trying out new ideas. Best of luck with your junior cert project!


Honor Cure of Year 1 is ART student of the month of February 2014. Honor is a very talented student, already

an accomplished young artist as can be seen in this pencil drawing of a still life with boxes and two ta

bles. The emphasis was on shading, of which Honor has a very good understanding. Honor is an all-rounder, excellent in many areas, manually very skilled and with a good eye. Making art is part of Honor’s everyday life and she enjoys it immensely. It is wonderful that she is in a class where all the students have a great passions for art – they will be producing wonderful art works in the future!

Torin Redpath of Year 1 is ART student of the month of January 2014 for the painting he did for the cover of his Visual Culture Studies copy. He chose Dali’s ‘Persistence of Memory’ an iconic

work from the Surrealist movement. Torin spent a lot of time doing this piece of homework – it seemed to take him forever – but it sure was worth waiting for it! It is incredibly well painted and detailed, showing a great understanding of tonal variations.  The piece is only about 17 cm wide and high. To do painting to this standard takes a lot of patience. Torin has demonstrated great skills and interest in art. He is a great student in a great class, all his classmates show the same interest and love for art and did wonderful paintings. A pleasure to teach!


Emma Louise of Year 2 is ART student of the month of December 2013. Emma Louise is an excellent student who works hard all the time. Any task she is given she puts the head down and does it. In this, her first piece of calligraphy, she shows the many ideas she had in interpreting the text and the outcome is colourful and interesting to look at. Emma Louise gets very absorbed in her artwork because she enjoys being creative.


Jack Harney of Year 2 is ART student of the month of November 2013 for the stunning illustration he did for his calligraphy piece. Though there is very little actual writing, the mesmerizing face and blowing hair make this a very good first calligraphy work. If he were to do it again, Jack would probably integrate the writing into the locks of hair – there are so many possibilities, so many good solutions. And this is the beauty of art, that there is no wrong solution, just different solutions, with some being more captivating than others.

To see more calligraphy, please visit the YEAR 2 page.


Lily Webber of Year 3 is ART student of the month of October 2013 for the wonderful drawing she did of a pepper. This drawing, which amazed us all, represents a breakthrough in Lily’s artistic career: she went from doing very small drawings to this very large one – A2 size! Lily and the rest of the class used a B9 Graphite pen which allowed everybody to expand and work on a larger scale. Most students did a detail drawing of a shoe, zooming in to the laces and using a viewfinder to block off the remainder of the shoe. Like Lily’s drawing, these were also very successful and can be viewed on the Year 3 page.

This is a very good class and I look forward to the  work they will be producing for the Junior Cert project


Natalia Peixoto, formerly Year 3 student, is ART student of the month of September 2013. Natalia was a wonderful student. This was particularly evident when she worked for the project: for every class she had preparatory work done and thereby finished the project without last minute panic. She very much deserved the high grade she achieved in her Junior Cert Art Project. Natalia was a most polite and helpful student – just as her friend Joyce Borges. These two girls often stayed behind, even on a Friday evening to help tidy the artroom. Natalia was very well liked by all and we are very sad she returned to Brazil. We wish her all the best, she is – no doubt – a great addition to her present school.



Conor Weston who did his Leaving Cert in 2013 is ART student of the month of August for the excellent mark he got in Art. Conor only took up art in senior cycle and – he would no doubt agree – did not have much interest initially. The turning point came when he learned about blockprinting and saw the prints of the German artist Albrecht Duerer. Conor came to love this craft, the physicality of carving  and the excitement of the printed outcome. Conor was amazed by the skills, the detail and imagination in Duerer’s prints and greatly admires this artist. I am sure Conor will, at some stage in his life, seek out Duerer’s work. Well done to Conor and his fellow students on their achievements!


Clare Foley of year 1 is ART student of the month of May 2013.  Clare is a very mature student, very focused, always very well prepared and enjoying the subject of Art. She was totally absorbed when creating her book on the Egyptians and she wrote a lovely story about a cat. Clare has excellent work ethics which will make her a very successful student. I look forward to the wonderful work she will do for the remainder fo the junior cycle. Well done Clare and keep up the good work!

Much great work was done by the whole class for their bookcraft. Check out the year 1 website for more!


Jake Ross of Year 1 is ART student of the month of April 2013 for the great Study Aid he made for Leaving Cert students to help them in their preparation for their exam. Jake selected a detail from Picasso’s Guernica, the crying mother holding her dead baby. This is quite a large piece and is prominently displayed in the art room. Senior students loved Jake’s piece and all the other works which first years so competently reproduced for them.

Jake produces excellent pieces. He has made great progress. For his egyptian book he picked the scarab beetle as his theme.

Alisha Nelly of Year 2 is ART student of the month of March 2013. Alisha is an excellent worker: she works in a concentrated manner, speedily and without delay and she does very good work. She is always the first student to finish any assignment and has it well done. Her footwear design expresses the feel-good factor of summer, with icecream cone, a spoon to scoop out the icecream and a sun umbrella. Alisha is also a most helpful student, never complaining when she is asked to give a helping hand. She will do very well in the Junior Cert project next year!

Other excellent footwear designs can be seen on the Year 2 webpage. This is a very good class, a pleasure to teach



Oscar Staehelin of Leaving Cert Year is ART student of the month of February 2013. Oscar has done very well in the mocks. His choice of craft is Pottery. In all three areas, the preparatory sheet, preliminary sheet and the finished piece he put in a lot of work. His pot is based on sculptures by Henry Moore. Displayed here is his finished piece – a bowl with a handle – in front of the preparatory sheet. Oscar’s work has come on tremendously, his experiments in various media have resulted in beautiful artworks.

Best of luck to Oscar and his fellow students in the Leaving Cert! They are a very talented and creative bunch. I very much look forward to the great works which they will undoubtedly produce.

Camille Twomey of Leaving Cert Year is ART student of the month of January 2013.and this has paid off in the excellent mock results! Here we can see the poster she did for the craft mock. Like her brother and sister, Sean and Dominique, past students of Gort Community School, she will do very well in the Leaving Certificate. All of the Twomey siblings, Sean, Dominique and Camille were most pleasant students, respectful, very well-mannered and interested, always a pleasure to teach! Camille will, no doubt, continue to work hard.

Camille has consistently worked for the subject of Art

Well done to all Leaving Cert students, the mock results are very promising. Keep up the hard work! It will pay off!

More of their work can be viewed on the YEAR 5 page.







Claire Gormally of year1 is ART student of the month of November 2012. Claire came to art late, she had originally chosen another subject. Luckily, she realised that art might be a better option for her. Claire is, in fact, a great addition to the art class. As she joined late she had quite a lot to catch up on. Not only was she able to fully catch up, she did all the work at home and to a very high standard! The painting of Stubb’s Whistlejacket, for the front of her Culture Studies copy, shows her great talent. The horse is beautifully painted!

You can check out other great first year works on the Junior Cycle – Year 1 page


Conor Cleary of year 2 is ART student of the month of October 2012 for the very competent oil pastel drawing he did of biscuits in an open packet. Conor is an excellent student, both in his work and behaviour. He does his work conscientiously at all times and is always helpful, respectful and co-operative. I look forward to more exciting art work!

Niamh Moloney of year 4 is ART student of the month of September 2012 for the excellent junior cert project she did for Art. Niamh is a most dedicated student who achieved outstanding results in ALL exam subjects! She is one of three students who feature on the homepage of Gort Community School as having obtained 10 straight As! Her complete project can be viewed on the YEAR 3 page. She took as her theme ‘A Helping Hand’ and examined the role the physio plays in relation to the players. Displayed here is the sheet of preparation for her 3-d piece. Congratulations to Niamh and all the other students who worked so hard in their junior cert year and did fantastic work.



Emer Walsh and Anthony Fuery of Year1 are ART students of the month of March 2012. Emer and Anthony hugely enjoy coming to the art class. They also attend our new autism class. Anthony’s areas of special interest are Culture Studies and Pottery. Anthony particularly loves the works of British artist David Hockney, he wrote a factfile on this artist, researched him on the internet and did an interpretation of one of his recent paintings. Emer enjoys drawing and painting. Emer particularly likes van Gogh. Both students designed and glazed tiles and gargoyle pots. The pots can be seen on the Year 1 page together with artworks done by the class.

Fiachra Donovan of Year 1 is ART student of the month of February 2012. Fiachra is a most dedicated student with a genuine interest in all areas of art. Fiachra loves making art, his favourite art activity being drawing. His skills as a draughtsman are clearly visible in his detail of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ which forms part of his research into the 16th century artist Hieronymus Bosch. Fiachra is very much self-motivated, always has lots of creative ideas and continuously explores new media and areas in art. He is very interested in animation and film making and takes classes in these specialised areas outside of school hours. More than likely he will choose an art related career, he certainly has the dedication and drive that’s needed! Fiachra and his fellow students are very talented and interested, with the wish to do well. They are a pleasure to teach.

To see some of the other works done by this class, please go to the YEAR 1 page


Fionnuala Fahey of Year 2 is the first ART student of the month for 2012. Fionnuala has been an excellent student since she first stepped into the artroom. She is extremely focused on her work and does not allow herself to be distracted at any stage. She always does her homework and is a helpful and polite student at all times. Her shoe is based on the theme of ‘Sweets’ and is made from the simplest of materials – recycled card, masking tape and wallpaper paste. It is well made and shows Fionnuala’s creativity. Behind her finished shoe we can see her sheet of preparation,  which shows her research and development, a very competent piece of work. No doubt Fionnuala will do very well in her Junior Cert project next year!


The art teacher Mrs. Slattery would like to take this opportunity to thank fellow student Stephen Keane who helped out when we were stuck for a packet of wallpaper paste. Stephen is very generous and helpful, he offered and remembered to bring in a packet!





Niamh Ryan of Year 2 is ART student of the month of December 2011. Niamh has been working very consistently, she is well behaved in class, gets on with her work and is well prepared for class. Her calligraphy piece – the first time herself and the class did calligraphy – shows excellent penmanship and good planning. Keep up the good work!






For the month of Novemenber the LCA2 class of 2011/2012 has been chosen as ART class of the month! Normally this award goes to a single student but in this instance the whole class deserves this distinction. Ben, Rachel, Dan, Felipe, Ramon, Kevin and Sean have all shown genuine interest in the subject of art and have put great effort into their work. Never before has an LCA class been so co-operative, pleasant, dedicated and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work and behaviour and make sure you attend classes

For agricultural studies the students developed beautiful and unusual garden designs which they gave visual expression in the artclass. They also actively contributed to the improvement of the school grounds by decorating terracotta pots with tiles, planting them with spring bulbs and identifying a suitable spot where to place them. I look forward to seeing them flower in the spring

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Shane Armstrong of Year 1 is ART student of the month of October 2011. Despite the immense difficulties Shane faces on a daily basis he has been able to keep up with class work and homework. Shane did an excellent job developing his initials into a Graphic Design for his art folder, then painting in the resulting shapes in a precise and controlled manner. For the front of his Culture Studies Copy, Shane chose Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Bedroom at Arles’. He took great care to re-create this painting as faithfully as possible while still putting his own stamp on the work. Van Gogh, in his last letter to his brother Theo in 1890 said:’ Well, my own work, I am risking my life for it and half my reason has gone’. Art was tremendously important for van Gogh and we feel that it has a similar standing and importance in Shane’s life – it is his favourite subject and he makes a huge effort in every way. We look forward to more of the lovely work that Shane will no doubt produce! Well done Shane.




Take a look at the other great work that is done in Shane’s class









Conor Gabriel of Year 4 is ART student of the month of September 2011 for his excellent Junior Cert Art project. As soon as the project themes came out Conor set to work. He always was well prepared for every class, had his research and preparatory work done at home and used every minute of class time. He met all the deadlines! He interpreted his starting point – War and Peace – in a very interesting and unusual way by investigating allegories for War and Peace in Peter Paul Rubens’ painting ‘Minerva protecting Pax from Mars’.

Well done to Conor and his class mates on the excellent Junior Cert results! Keep up the good work in the Senior cycle! To view more project work please go to the Year 3 webpage

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Emily Welch of Year 2 is ART student of the month of April for the great sheet of preparation and support studies she did for the FOOTWEAR FOR LADY GAGA project. Commendable is the fact that Emily made a copy of Salvador Dali’s ‘Burning Giraffe’ for her support studies sheet, rather than simply printing it out. Emily works not only hard but also consistently,  in class, and for her homework. She is in an excellent class and many of her classmates could also feature as Student of the Month.




















Django Stapleton of Year 1 is ART student of the month of March. He produced a wonderful copy of a Magritte painting as the front cover of his Culture Studies Copy. It is obvious that he put a lot of time and effort into his work! He also wrote very well about the artist and why he chose this picture AND he did an excellent second reproduction of a Magritte painting. On top of that Django’s attendance and punctuality to class has greatly improved. He has not been late or absent recently. Well done Django, keep up the good work!




To view the excellent works done by his fellow students please go to the YEAR 1 page









Lauren Jamie of YEAR 2 is ART student of the month of February for her drawing of a shoe. Lauren concentrated hard on the work she was asked to do and the resulting drawing shows it! She has used strong tonal contrast in her drawing which makes a great impact and makes the shoe look very real.

While Lauren has been singled out in this positive manner, it has to be said, that the whole class has been doing excellent work. Their work can be viewed on the YEAR 2 page. Keep it up!

Well done Lauren