Senior Cycle – Year 5 :Art

///Senior Cycle – Year 5 :Art
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Welcome to the Leaving Cert ART page

Congratulations to the class of 2014 on their results! Well done and wishing you all the best for your future.

And remember, there is an amazing world of art out there to be discovered, of the past and contemporary, in museums and your environment, in all kinds of areas and media! So keep your eyes open and enjoy the visual world.

European Art

19th and 20th century








Monet – THE major Impressionist artist- plus Renoir/ Degas. If Renoir is your second artist you should also have some information about Degas and vice versa. Know also that other Impressionist artists exist such as Pissarro, Sisley and renowned women artists, Berthe Morisot and Mary Cassatt.


 Main emphasis is on Van Gogh AND for HL particularly Cezanne. Know a little about Gauguin and Pointillism also, as these are part of Post-Impressionism. 


Emphasis is on Picasso; know that Braque was very much part of this movement 




We have looked at Dali and Magritte. Major in one of them but know also about the other one/ be able to draw, name and write about a painting.

Answering a Question for SECTION 2 

    • Know a minimum of two paintings very well. Be able to name, describe, discuss and draw these from memory.
    • Know basic info about the artist, when he lived, which country.
    • Was the artist part of a movement?
    • What was the artist’s early work like? Think of van Gogh whose early works were dark with a lot of earth colours and little bright colours.
    • Was there a development in the artist’s work?
    • What is the style of this artist? (Subject matter, colour, composition, paint application, brushstrokes, and pictorial depth).
    • What was the preferred medium of the artist? Degas did mostly sculptures in his old age as he went blind.
    • Do you know a quote from or about the artist that illustrates his work? Cezanne said about Monet ‘he is just an eye but what an eye’.
    • What concepts and ideas underlie the artist’s work? Van Gogh wanted to express feelings and emotions through colour, the Surrealists wanted to make visible dreams and the world of the subconscious.
    • What were influences on the artist?
    • Who or what movement did the artist influence? Impressionist artists influenced Post Impressionists such as Cezanne, van Gogh, Gauguin and Pointillism.
    • What is your response to the artist’s work?

For Section 1 – Georgian Period, please refer to the Year 4 page

For Art History you MUST DO HOMEWORK ESSAYS! The questions your teacher gives you are mostly taken from past papers and will come up in a very similar form in the Leaving Cert. You need to practise writing essays.

This applies also to Ordinary level students!

For very useful WEBSITES for Leaving Cert students please visit the RESOURCES page


As you are aware the text book for Art History and Art Appreciation has changed. To avoid you having to purchase a new book at this stage, yet to allow you to benefit from the new publication, I suggest that you download the 1-year digital version for the price of € 11.99. It is the most cost-effective solution.

To download APPRECIATING ART  by author Aine Ni Charthaigh please go to the Gill&MacMillan website—online?highlight=art

You are advised to first register with the company (top right of the publisher’s homepage)


Examples of previous Leaving Cert work