Junior Cycle – Year 2

///Junior Cycle – Year 2
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Welcome to the Year 2 webpage

We studied the Egyptians – here is a selection of canopic jars.

The student brief was to create a tall vessel with a lid using the coil technique

Footwear by Year 2 students 2014

Calligraphy work 2013

These are the pots second years developed from studying daffodils. All of the pots turned out very well, each pot being totally unique and individual. The glazes beautifully complement the pot and are applied well.


Footwear with a difference – Year 2 creations 2013

First attempts at calligraphy by second year students 2012

Shane Armstrong

is currently working on a SERIES of tiles on the theme of FISH.  Shane has a fishtank and he regularly acquires new specimen when he goes to Galway on a Saturday. He will use his own fish as an inspiration.

Shown here is the first tile he decorated using special glaze pencils. Shane likes working with pencils, it suits him and he has good control over it.

After the initial bisque firing, which fixed the pencil marks we painted on a layer of transparent glaze. The resulting tile looks very professional!

Well done Shane!!!



Below are examples of YEAR 2 oil pastel drawings of biscuits in an open packet

This is one of the suggestions for the object drawing given by the Department


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