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Welcome to the Year 1 webpage


Welcome to the First Year Group  of August 2014

Here we have another group of excellent First Year Art students. Soon you will be able to see some of their work.


Welcome to the First Year Group  of August 2013

This is a group of students who are highly focused on art and already very accomplished artists, at a young age, as can be seen in the figure drawings. Normally first year students would not be asked to draw figures when they are hardly in the door, in September, but it just so happened that the room was set up. They used charcoal – a difficult medium to control and quite messy

– yet they were well able to control the medium, draw well proportioned figures and suggest form through tones and lines! All drawings have great character and are quite evocative.

First Year Art students designed posters in support of our School’s FRESH AIR FRIDAY event. This event was orga

nised by our Green Schools committee, to encourage everybody to make less use of the car and instead walk, cycle or car-pool.

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Here are some of the paintings this year’s group painted for the cover of their Visual Culture Studies copy. Inside the front cover students explained why they chose a particular painting and what appealed to them about it.

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Hazel, who chose Monet’s Poppyfield wrote: ‘I chose this picture because I have always had an interest in Monet. I really like this painting because of the repitition of his wife and son. I found the different colours of the grass interesting. One of the main reasons why I chose this painting is because it really fits in with my style of drawing/painting. It’s all a bit vague with no definite lines.’

Ana, who chose an Asian work of art said: ‘My picture is painted by Yun Shoupin. it’s called ‘Lotus Flower’. I chose this picture because I like the gradient effect on the flower and leaves and I really just like flowers. I also like the colours on the flower. It was painted in the 17th century. I like the brushstrokes on this painting.’

Torin wrote: ‘I like The Persistence of Memory because I like the idea of painting dreams and their subconscious meanings. The melting clocks are very unique to Dali. The colours of the painting make for a dreamy vibrant atmosphere that would remind you of our sleeping state…. I am drawn to the surrealist artwork. I love the way it’s so bizarre and often at times silly. It is non-logical and often does not make sense immediately, it makes us think in different ways than in normal everyday life… I like the way the painting has the elements of the human face and a large sleeping eye. The clock on the back of the head is soft and looks like a saddle.’

Skye wrote about ‘Composition with Red, Black, Blue, Yellow’ by Piet Mondrian: ‘The reason I chose this painting is because I found the colours looked really nice together and I thought it would also look nice against the black of the CS copy. I enjoy looking at Piet Mondrian’s paintings because they are quirky and very  vibrant with colour.’


Lily chose Jasper Johns’Target’. She said: I chose this painting because I really like the colours. I think the red is a good background for the black and yellow circles. I also really like the different colours used at the top. I think they brighten the painting’.

Explorating DRAWING: students learned the rules and proportions of the head. Here are portraits the students did, modelling for each other, in pairs. Students used pencil, a difficult medium to photograph. The originals are far superior to what can be seen here on the monitor.

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Below are the Blowfish and some Deskorganizers made by first years. The decorations of the deskorganizers are based on decorations found at Newgrange, the Neolithic  passage grave on the river Boyne.

On display soon will be the excellent Gargoyle pots made by this talented first year group

JUNIORS 2012 – 2015

Bookcraft based on Egyptian Art. Students chose a character, created their own story and made and illustrated it. Here you can see the cover

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Dali inspired surreal scenes – creating 3-dimensional form through tones and shading

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We then translated tones into colour and paint – here are the outcomes after looking at a blue mug: The colour on the mug was all the same blue (mug paintings on the left) but to make the mug look 3-d (right) we had to use tones – to very good effect!

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Just like last year’s First Years, this year’s class 11 is also excellent!

They are probably the best class ever in the craft of POTTERY.

Why is this?

Students have spend a lot of time achieving a so-called GOOD FINISH, that means smoothing off rough edges, showing detail, sponging pots to get rid of unevenness, generally taking great care. Most of the pots have already gone home and have been greatly admired, so here are just a few examples:

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Vanessa, who joins us from our learning support unit, decorated 4 masks, one each for her mum, dad, sister and herself.

Year 1 paintings based on Van Gogh (or any other artist from the big artbook) turned out very well. As we use these paintings to make lettering for the Culture Studies copy, they are going up on the website, so we have a record of them.

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Here are the covers of the Culture Studies Copy

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Work done by previous First Year students:

David Hockney inspired paintings

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Year 1 Gargoyle Pots, plus some other pottery

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For the Culture Studies Copy students painted Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ .

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Here is a picture of some of the BLOWFISH students made

We started off with the area of Graphic Design.

The students made an ART JOURNAL.

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They designed their A 2 school art folder. They have worked with great enthusiasm and everybody did their very best, as you can see below:

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