Junior Cycle – Year 3 :Art

///Junior Cycle – Year 3 :Art
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Well done to all students on their Junior Cert Art Projects

JUNIOR CERT ART PROJECT 2013 photomontage

Below is the list of objects which the examinations commission recommends students to practice from in preparation for the Junior Cert drawing exam. For your drawing exam you will be given a shortened list of objects, taken from this page. This means that you can be practising objects for 3 years!

List of objects from DES JC click to open

A2 size drawings done by year 3 students using graphite pen and viewfinders

Congratulations to the Junior Cert ART Class of 2014

Examples of Project work 2013/2014

A variety of areas, preparation, finished work and details

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Craftwork – Calligraphy and Pottery

[nggallery id=181]

Junior Cert Drawings – part of their inviligated exam

[nggallery id=182]


Fiachra’s Project

[nggallery id=184]

Examples of Project work 2012/2013 – 2D Higher Level

[nggallery id=120]

Examples of Project work 2012/2013 – 3D Higher Level

[nggallery id=119]

Natalia’s project

[nggallery id=122]

Jessica’s project

[nggallery id=124]

Fionnuala’s project

[nggallery id=123]

Examples of ordinary level work

[nggallery id=121]

Niamh’s project (ordinary level)

[nggallery id=125]


JUNIOR CERT ART PROJECT 2012 photomontage


Examples of Project work 2011/2012 – 3D

[nggallery id=64]

2 D work

[nggallery id=66]

Examples of Project work 2011/2012 – Craft

[nggallery id=65]

Niamh’s complete project:

[nggallery id=67]

Olwyn’s project:

[nggallery id=69]

Ronja’s complete project:

[nggallery id=68]

Examples of ordinary level work

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Here are examples of Project work 2010/2011

[nggallery id=44]

The 4 pictures below are especially for Thinh’s relations in Vietnam, so his family can view some of the work he did for his project. When he chose the calligraphy text he particularly thought of his Granny!

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Here are examples of work done in previous years