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Students, please note that special emphasis in the education system is now being placed on LITERACY. This also applies to the subject of Art.

What are the implications?

  1. You will correct any incorrect spellings and grammar when your essays and tests are returned to you. You will do so at the end of the teacher’s comments.
  2. You will aim to write proper sentences.

What are the benefits?

At the higher end of the Art History exams the reader (=corrector) expects a proper, well written essay, indicating that you are an educated person who has learned basic communication skills.

Homework – YEAR 4

It goes without saying that you will read up on and study any of the artists and movements we deal with, even if you are not specifically told to do so. You will use your textbook, the big Artbook, the revision book, Wikipedia and especially the class handouts.

Useful tips:

  • For the purpose of homework write out the question at the start of your essay. This enables you to constantly refer to the question asked, thereby ensuring you ANSWER THE QUESTION. It also means that you can refer to the question when you are revising for the Leaving Cert. In the Leaving Cert exam YOU WILL NOT WRITE OUT THE QUESTION as this would be a waste of time.
  • Follow the structure of the question to structure your answer.
  • Use headings – ideally the headings of the question and in that order.
  • If the question starts with a statement, respond to it throughout your essay.
  • Aim for 5 sketches
  • Label your sketches
  • Use colour at least in some of your sketches
  • Know a quote for each artist



Know Monet plus one other Impressionist artists very well (including the influence of Japanese art) but also know the key concepts of a third one.

  1. Factfile ‘Academic Art’
  2. Question 13, HL 2009 paper, substitute Renoir with MONET. Use the painting entitled ‘Woman with a Parasol’.
  3. Textbook p.398. Answer all the questions, do picture study no. 2, Monet’s ‘Poplars’
  4. Into your CS copy do a sketch of each of the Monet paintings which we identified as keyworks: Impression Sunrise; La Grenouiellere; Poplars at Epte; Lady with Parasol, Waterlily Pond-Pink Harmony; Waterlilies – late works
  5. Watch the you tube videos about Renoir on the Smarthistory (Khan Academy) website.
  6. Describe and discuss Renoir’s ‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’. Use the handout on ‘Describe and Discuss a Painting’ to guide you. This is an essay and should include sketches.
  7. Into your CS copy do a sketch of each of the Renoir paintings which we identified as keyworks or useful to know: The Umbrellas; La Grenouillere; Dancing at the Moulin de la Galette; Luncheon of the Boating Party; Girls in the Meadow
  8. Watch the you tube videos about Degas on the Smarthistory (Khan Academy) website.
  9. Into your CS copy do a sketch of each of the Degas paintings which we identified as keyworks or useful to know: Horses before the Stands; Absinth Drinker; The Dance Class; Two Ballet Dancers in a Dressing Room and the Little Dancer sculpture
  10. Look at the zoomed drawing by Degas on the National Gallery of Ireland  website and read the extended info about this work http://onlinecollection.nationalgallery.ie/view/objects/asitem/682/4/sortNumber-asc?t:state:flow=6847ddcd-55f8-49c3-b41e-300a43057e19 It very clearly states that Degas was different as he favoured artifical light and indoor settings!
  11. Read over the texts on Japanese art. (On your DVD > European Art > Movements > Impressionism > Influences > Japanese art > TEXTS

CEZANNE Homework

  • 2010 Qu 12

CUBISM Homework

  • Higher Level Students: 2011 HL Qu 13, Demoiselles
  • Ordinary Level Students: 2012 OL Qu 11, Demoiselles
  • 2013, HL Qu 15 Cubism

PICASSO Homework

  • 2008 HL Qu 15, Old Guitarist
  • 2009 HL Qu 14, under Depicting War > Picasso’s Guernica


  • Higher Level students: 2013 HL Qu 15, for NAMED MOVEMENT add SURREALISM
  • Ordinary Level students: 2012 OL Qu 14, Soft Construction with Boiled Beans