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Welcome to the Religious Education Department


Department Teachers

Ms. O. Duggan, Ms. C. Neylon, Mr. J. McNamara, Ms. O. Veale, Ms. A. Collins, Ms. C. Neilan, Ms. R. Neilan.

The School Mission Statement reads: “Gort Community School strives to develop the academic, aesthetic, spiritual, physical and moral potential of each student”.

The Religious Education team fulfils this aim by providing opportunities to explore and develop the knowledge of Christian values, while also appreciating and developing an understanding of all faith traditions.


Religious Education Programme

Junior Cycle

Our students follow the N.C.C.A. Junior Certificate syllabus. This course seeks to promote an understanding and appreciation of why people believe, as well as tolerance and respect for the values and beliefs of all. The syllabus is built around a framework of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes.

The areas of study in this course are:

  • Communities of Faith
  • Foundations of Religion – Christianity
  • Foundations of Religion – Major World Religions
  • The Question of Faith
  • The Celebration of Faith
  • The Moral Challenge

Assessment for the Junior Certificate Religion is continuous assessment throughout the year by teaching staff. At present, it is not an examination subject for Junior Certificate in this school.
The main text book currently being used is:
Know The Way, by Orla Walsh

This text book is supplemented by relevant extra resources, for example handouts, power point displays, media articles and invited speakers.