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Gort  Community School strives to provide an environment of excellence and care for each member of its school community. The Pastoral Care System at Gort Community School is committed to providing an environment in which each pupil feels known and loved. This commitment is echoed in our mission statement which states that Gort Community School is a “Christian Community which endeavours to be a happy and caring place striving to develop the academic, aesthetic, spiritual, physical and moral potential of each student”. We demonstrate our valuing of each person through promoting relationships among staff, students and parents, which are based on “mutual trust, respect, fairness, consideration and good manners.” We foster excellence through the highest standards in our teaching, learning and pastoral structure and programmes. Each contributes to and benefits from our community of excellence and care.


Pastoral Approach in our School

Pastoral Care is the hub of the whole school process. It can be broadly defined as concern for the growth, development and the well being of the Pupils. The means required to tackle this ambitious challenge may be summarized as follows:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Responsibility(students are encouraged to take responsibility and to be accountable)
  • Relationship of trust (between the Teacher/Tutor and the taught)
  • Consistency (in the application of rules/standards)

We understand Pastoral Care “as an approach to education which endeavours to value and develop each member of the school community. It promotes learning at every level of the student”. (The Year Head,  Monahan 1998 IAPCE). This approach animates the nature of our pastoral care provision. Each member of the school community has access to the relevant pastoral structures and procedures. Each is also invited to play their part in contributing to the pastoral ethos of this school community.