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Gort Community School careers guidance webpage is a site that aims to help you to help yourself.

It aims to help you find out how to learn more about yourself, more about the options that are out there and more about how to make decisions.

Guidance is not only about information. It is about learning who you are and thinking about what you want out of life.

This does not happen overnight. It takes time.  You get better at it with practice… but you have to give it a go!

Making decisions involves doing some research. There are brilliant websites with all the information that you need. This webpage will lead you to some of  them.

It is better that you have a plan, that you think about what you are going to research and how you are going to do it.

If you see a careers guidance counsellor after having carried out some research it will make the appointment much more worthwhile.

Remember there is no expert out there that knows what you should do with your life. YOU ARE THE EXPERT ON YOU.  The only thing is that you have never made a study of yourself.

This page will help get you started!

What is Careers Guidance about?

Careers Guidance is divided into three main sections

1. Careers Guidance: Careers Research, Making decisions such as what to do after you leave school.

2. Educational Guidance: Making decisions during school years. e.g. Making subject choices in 3rd Year. It also deals with how we learn! Would you like to look at ways to improve the way you learn? Everybody can improve!

3. Social & Personal Guidance: Careers Guidance Counsellors also work with students when they have need mentoring or personal counselling.

DOTS is an acronym used in Guidance to explain the important factors in good careers guidance.


How to Join the DOTS


  1. Self Awareness: It is impossible to make good decisions without learning about ourselves. We need to explore our interests, passions, hobbies, skills, ambitions and motivations in life. Understanding our value systems (what is important to me is essential if I am to choose a path that will make me happy)
  2. Opportunity Awareness: There are many paths a student can take after they leave school. From Post Leaving Cert (PLC) courses to university or taking a year to volunteer  there are lots of options. Research and an open mind is essential to find as much information as possible on as wide a range of options.  Put simply, If you don’t know your options you could be missing out on something really great.
  3. Decision Making: This is the tricky part! How do we make decisions? Some people are impulsive. Others carry out painstaking research into every aspect  and possibility. One thing is for sure. The day will come when we have to decide. Good decisions are made when 1. and 2. are understood.
  4. Transition Learning: This is the process of making applications. It also relates to preparation for change. Whether it be going to a PLC in Galway or starting a new job in a local garage making a good transition makes life easier.

Joining the DOTs is an important part of an approach to Careers Guidance.

Enjoy using this page and good luck with your careers research!