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In keeping with our Mission Statement ‘to provide a comprehensive system of post-primary and continuing education open to all the community’ the following Admissions Policy was developed an adopted by Gort Community School:

‘All eligible students living in the catchment area will be admitted provided they apply for admission before June 1st for the school year commencing on the subsequent September 1st. Students who apply after this date will be accommodated provided the maximum numbers recommended for classes are not exceeded.

Students with special requirements or students with special needs, arising from disabilities will be accommodated subject to the school having access to appropriate and adequate resources and the school will work with parents, when necessary, to acquire all such essential resource. The School will work under and be guided by the requirements set out in the Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004 (EPSEN Act)

Applications from outside the catchment area will be accommodated, subject to space and resources being available and management being satisfied that their admission will not lead to a diminution in standards of behaviour. (Please see additional Policy below on Transfers)

The admission policy to the school will be implemented, primarily by the Principal and Deputy Principal. All decisions in relation to enrolment rest with the school Principal in the first instance and ultimately with the Board of Management.

If an applicant is refused admission (s)he will be informed of her/his rights to appeal to the school’s Board of Management. The Board will be convened within three weeks of receiving an appeal and if its decision confirms the Principal’s decision not to admit the pupil the parents will be advised of their right to appeal the Board’s decision to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science, under section 29 of the Education Act, 1998.’

This admissions policy of the school will be reviewed by the Board of Management on an annual basis.

Student eligibility for Admission to Gort Community School.

In order to be eligible for admission, a student must:

  • Attain the required age of twelve by 1st January in the calendar year following his/her entry into first-year;
  • Normally have completed sixth class in primary school;
  • Be willing, in conjunction with his/her parents/guardians, to accept the school ethos;
  • Be willing with his/her parents/guardians, to accept the Code of Good School Behaviour. Confirmation, in writing is required to this effect;
  • Be willing to take the school’s evaluation tests conducted in order to set up mixed ability groupings in first-year.

Enrolment Levy Guidelines.

  1. €150 per student, Junior Cycle. Collection on enrolment for new first years.  Covers the three years.
  2. €100 per student, Senior Cycle. Collection with senor cycle application forms at the end of third year.  Covers the two years.

This payment amounts to €50 per student per year.  Phased payments can be arranged with school management in certain circumstances.

Performance Criteria i.e. criteria by which the policy will be judged to be effective.

Goals of Policy being achieved.

Person(s)/Group responsible for monitoring the implementation of this policy.

Board of Management


Deputy Principal

Teaching Staff

Person(s)/Group responsible for reviewing this policy (if different from monitoring group).

Board of Management


Deputy Principal

Teaching Staff

Time frame for review of Policy.

Three yearly or sooner if a need to do so becomes apparent.