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This page contains a summary of activities undertaken by the Gort Community School Parents Association regarding school transport.

On 8th February 2011, two important things happened:

> Communication received from Minister Sean Haughey, explaining that the shared catchment would be continued for one additional year, 2011-12.

> A Public Meeting (summary here) was held at the school to discuss school transport issues. Dail candidates from Galway East and from Clare were invited to attend; 7 candidates attended and participated in the meeting with parents, teachers and staff.

(Here is a brief report of the decision to extend the shared catchment by one year — from the Galway Bay FM website.)

> Following the School Transport Information Meeting held in December (see below for details), the Parents Association sent this letter to Minister Sean Haughey.

> Here is an article from the Clare Champion about the Gort/Kinvara transport issue: Transport Changes Could Affect Gort Numbers.

> On December 13th, an Information Meeting (summary here) was held at the school to discuss the government decision to withdraw school transport services to Gort CS from students starting secondary school in September 2011 from the areas of New Quay, Doorus, Kinvara, Northampton, Ballinderreen and Kiltiernan.

For further information, please contact any of the following representatives of the Gort Community School Parents Association:

Catherine Cronin 087 997 3372                               Catherine Sides 087 917 1820

John Melville 087 933 2033                                       Nora Connolly 087 907 4815