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Guidelines for all 3rd and 5th Year Pupils

  1. The Mock Examinations begin on Thursday 9th February and run until Friday 17th February.  These examinations are an important trial for the state examinations in June.  Any misbehaviour which would result in the disruption of these examinations will be dealt with severely.  This includes cheating of any description.
  2. Students are responsible for familiarising themselves with exam times, exam centres and all exam details. Timetables are available for this purpose at the school office and can also be seen on the school website.
  3. Books will be permitted into the centres for study purposes that will be specified by supervisors. Books, copybooks, etc. are not allowed on the examination tables during the course of the examination.  All students are expected to have all their examination requirements.  Borrowing of equipment will not be permitted.
  4. Students may stay at home with their parent’s consent on a day when they are not engaged in examinations. If students are free in the morning they may stay at home with their parent’s consent.  If they are free in the afternoon, they must report for study to their designated exam centre.  Students are not allowed down the town at this time.  Students in for the morning but free in the afternoon will be allowed home if picked up by their parents and a note furnished in advance to the Principal, Deputy Principal or Yearhead to this effect.
  5. Any student reported for deliberately disrupting the study sessions will be documented and subsequently put on detention.
  6. All answers should be written legibly and neatly into the answer books supplied by the school. Different answers should be clearly indicated and numbered.  All work handed up should include the pupil’s name, teacher’s name and school name.  (This latter point is important in the event of papers being sent away for correction).
  7. Only one student at a time will be allowed to go to the washroom. Supervisors should try to discourage students from going to the bathroom during the first half hour and last half hour of each exam. Students sign out to go to the washroom adding their name and the time of leaving the centre.  Students will not be allowed to leave the examination centre until the examination time has fully expired.
  8. Students doing the same examination are not allowed to sit together i.e. to the left or the right of each other.
  9. Students must remain in the Examination Centre for the full duration of the examination. If a student is finished and his/her script has been handed up, it is at the discretion of the supervising teacher that they be allowed to study for the next Examination. 
  10. All pupils will adhere to the changed lunch time 12.40pm to 1.20pm i.e. all students return after lunch at 10 p.m. Some afternoon Examinations, especially for Leaving Certificate students will start at 1.00 p.m.