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Transition Year Programme

Transition Year Curriculum 2010-2011


Subject: Science

Length of Course: 15 weeks

Teacher(s): Dolarus Kelly and Chris Moran

Aims of the Course:

  • To broaden students understanding of science
  • Transition Year is an ideal opportunity for students to gain exposure to extremely interesting aspects of everyday science that may not be on the Junior or Leaving certificate syllabus.
  • Educating the students on various aspects agricultural science, chemistry, biology, physics and beyond.
  • Promoting general, technical and academic skills with an emphasis on self-directed learning.
  • To relate science to the real world.
  • To find and explore the latest developments in the world of science.
  • To assist students in selecting Leaving certificate subjects.

Course Outline:

This programme contains many modules :

  • Agricultural Science – Vegetable Garden, Recognising common weeds
  • Flight, Space and Astronomy
  • Sports Science
  • Climate Change – Pollution, carbon footprint, Plastic
  • Healthy Eating
  • Forensic Science
  • Elements
  • Microbiology
  • Ecology
  • Fun Chemistry Experiments
  • Remedi Debating Science Issues
  • Schoolbots Challenge
  • Bt Young Scientist Competition
  • And any other points of interest indicated by the students.

As the Transition Year experience is based on more self-inquiry and direction not all modules above will be done due to the time frame, they will be chosen once learning more about the students interests.