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Transition Year Curriculum 2010-2011

Subject: History

Length of Course: Sept to Dec/Jan to June


Teacher(s): Pat Conole

Aims of the Course:

  • To develop a knowledge of the contribution of the military council of the IRB to the 1916 rising
  • To develop a understanding of the growth of the USA as a world power and understand its foreign policy during the period 1950-70
  • To understand life in a country village in the 1950’s through the study of photographs from the period.
  • To understand the growth of the Civil rights movement

Course Outline:

Sources of the USA economic boom

Foreign policy of the USA

Civil rights struggle and the Montgomery bus boycott

Visiting speakers/Outdoor trips etc:


  • Trip to Kilmainham Jail
  • Participation in Cresswell photography project
  • Visits to relevant Museums


Cross-Curricular Aspects:


  • Civil rights study is being linked to the English programme
  • Link with art History and particularly Art photography in relation to Vietnam




Proposed Teaching Methodologies:


  • Examination of sources from the period both primary and secondary
  • Research through the internet and through paper and radio
  • Class discussion and teaching with group work


Proposed Assessment Methodologies:

  • Oral presentations
  • Participation in community projects
  • Group and solo research
  • Assessment of student performance in classroom activities
  • Teacher and student interaction