LAOCH Adventures & Events

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Yoga Class

Adam Harris School Visit

April Autism Awareness Day

April Autism Awareness Day

April Autism Awareness Day


Art & Craft Projects

Autism Awareness Workshops

Autism Bake Sale

Autism Bake Sale


Butler’s Chocolate Factory


Christmas Craft

Climbing -Bonding Trip

Enjoying the Sun

Escape Rooms

GCS Supporters

Getting Creative

Go Karting

Graduation 2019

Happy Pear Visit – Healthy Eating Week

Home Economics

Ice Skating

Jenga Wars

Laoch Classroom Graphic

Laoch Classroom Teachers

Laoch in the making

Laoch Science

Laoch Teachers

Loach Cookery

Loach Dinner Party

Meeting Bród, President Higgins’ Dog

Meeting President Michael D. Higgins

Pizza Party

Presenting at AS I Am Conference

School Fun Run -5km

Science Class

Work, work, work, work