ASD Classroom

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Our Autistic Spectrum Disorder classroom provides students with the opportunity to avail of a specialised individual timetable.  They can attend both mainstream classes and classes within our ASD classroom.  These are on an individual and small group basis.  Classes target the triad of impairments and a variety of teaching approaches are employed.  Within the ASD classroom there is an area of relaxation for students to ‘chill out’ when needed.  We also have a kitchen area, eating area, group work area and a computer area.

Students are supervised across break and lunchtimes.  Lunchtime incorporates activities such as board games, reading and yard time to promote peer interaction. Life and social skills are an important part of our ASD Classroom.  We include art & crafts, weekly swimming lessons and cookery. We also promote and work towards students obtaining the necessary skills for independent living after school.  
There are many changes that a student has to cope with during the transition from primary to post-primary school. These include new surroundings, different routines, subjects and staff members.
Gort Community School has a transition scheme in place for the last number of years.  New Students can attend the school for one morning or afternoon a week during the month of May.  This facilitates in familiarising the students with the school layout and routine.  This has been a huge success as it reduces stress and anxiety for the student the following September.     
We use many different teaching approaches in our classroom.  We incorporate recognised methodologies such as TEACCH, PECS, Floor Time, Social stories, TTAP among others.   With this, we can adapt a programme for students with a broad range of abilities and provide a timetable which is suitable to their individual needs.